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    Ministry of Health and Prevention

Saved the Project, Delivered Wareed 8 Months Quicker Than Cerner for 27% Less than Quoted by Cerner while Receiving High Client Satisfaction Sources.


The Wareed project was the largest healthcare information system implementation project in the world at the time, encompassing the entire United Arab Emirates (UAE), which aimed to create a unified electronic medical record (EMR) system across the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) healthcare network. The project was being implemented by Cerner Corporation, now Oracle Cerner a leading healthcare technology company based in the United States.


The Wareed project included the implementation of a comprehensive suite of Cerner’s healthcare information technology solutions, including electronic medical records, revenue cycle management, clinical decision support, and population health management. The project’s goals were intended to streamline workflows, reduce errors, and improve patient outcomes through the use of data analytics and real-time clinical decision support.


At the time Artistry entered the project, the scope of the project includes implementing the Cerner Millennium EMR system across MOHAP’s 16 hospitals and more than 82 clinics in the UAE. The implementation was over budget approaching $2B, and was behind schedule by roughly 2 years.  The system was to be used by over 16,000 clinical and administrative staff and expected to store more than 5 million patient records. The project also included the implementation of a health information exchange (HIE) platform, which was subsequently postponed until 2020, and the introduction of Riayati linking NABIDH” the Dubai Health Authority, (DHA) HIE and the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi through “Malaffi forming a unified record for the citizenry of the UAE.


Under my and my team’s leadership, we were able to rectify the issues with the implementation methodology, bring the project back from the brink of failure, complete the implementation in 16 versus 24 months, as quoted by Cerner, and bring the project to closure under budget, realizing a savings of 27% over Cerner revised bid. The project involved 145 local personnel and 25 remote resources working in coordination and cooperation with the MOPAH team.  


 being used, In terms of deliverables, the Wareed project is expected to provide a unified EMR system across SEHA’s facilities, allowing for seamless access to patient health records and improved coordination of care. The project is also expected to generate significant data that can be used to inform clinical decision-making and support population health management initiatives. Ultimately, the project is intended to improve the overall quality of healthcare in the UAE by leveraging technology to drive innovation and better patient outcomes.


We did such a fantastic job the MOHAP invited us to provide a proposal to deliver Application Management Services (AMS) and Operational Management Services (OMS), which we did and took over the services from Cerner on July 1, 2015, at reduced monthly rate and delivering higher client satisfaction levels across all measured KPI’s.  A win-win scenario.