Digital Health is the fastest-growing segment of healthcare technology as both vendors and providers work feverously to build out digital health strategies and services to be offered.  Digital health isn’t a result it’s a journey, every organization’s goals and strategies are unique to themselves.  Different factors contribute to how a provider organization approaches and executes a digital strategy.  As I have said there is no substitution for experience.  I’ve led the development and build-out of digital strategies and roadmaps for multiple organizations, including Atos, Baylor Scott & White, NHS, Care Logistics, and other providers and vendors.  


  • Point Your Organization to its North Star Strategy — Let me help your organization formulate and realize its digital strategy through digital strategy assessments, do it once, do it right best-practice advice, digital strategy, and roadmaps, tech stack. 


  • Elevate Health, Digitally — Let me help your organization build strategies and solutions to transform healthcare delivery across the continuity of care, improve patient engagement, use technology to orchestrate and optimize processes and solve inefficiencies.


  • Harness Data for Growth — Let me help you break down silos and put data, analytics, AI, robotic process automation (RPA), and technology to work in ways that boost your competitive edge positioning your organization for growth and having information available where and when your workforce needs it to make critical decisions.


  • Reach and Engage Consumers — Savvy healthcare providers understand the impact consumerism is and will continue to have on healthcare and how it’s delivered. Healthcare organizations need to market to the ever-changing landscape of consumer interests. Together, we’ll set the pace for enduring consumer relationships built on intelligence and trust.


  • Extend Your Team With An Expert — Add Day-to-Day Value Where You Need It Most.  You want to elevate the health of your consumers and drive the ongoing success of your transformation investments. Doing so takes commitment and know-how.


I partner with your organization to make you stronger – leaders who teach and enable your teams to reach peak performance and accelerate consumer-centered outcomes. I continue to be engaged even after the core engagement is done as I measure my success by you and your organization’s ongoing success as I am committed to true end-to-end support to keep you and your organization efficiently moving forward.