population - 367-192Improving both the quality of care and health of a target population takes more than technology; it requires orchestrating and optimizing goal-directed collaboration, operating relationships, and knowledge management between the programs, platforms, partners, and personnel that compromise your systems of care.

We understand and meet the functional requirements of a scalable and sustainable Population Health Management infrastructure, and help organizations design and implement an approach to each requirement. Through the identification and prioritization of the core goal-directed competencies, we focus on immediate term operational performance initiatives and help organizations strengthen their position to negotiate on ‘value’ of future contracts.  Our Population Health Management capabilities including the following:

Organizational Capacity Assessment

An organization’s journey to a successful population health management strategy and plan spans across a number of systems and programs. We provide clients with insights and direction on their capacity for systems-based practice, population management, and accountable care while helping them map out their journey from Vision to Value.

ACO/Population Health Readiness

Having your organization determine your approach to population health requires a commitment from a number of resources and teams across and organization. Prior to finalizing an approach or path, we provide clients with a current state gap analysis and road map to achieve client-specific goals for systems-based practice and future fee-for-value contracting.

Implementation and Interactive Design

With a common goal of delivering directed interactions between people, platforms, programs, and partners, we develop a client-centered implementation plan that spans across the necessary functional requirements and/or the associated operational capabilities to help clients successfully achieve their intended objectives.

Program Development and Program Leadership Support

From the vision and strategy to the implementation, having a strong program leadership and support staff can keep the project and team moving towards the set goal. We help clients in the development of programs, initiatives and/or service elements to support population management or value-based care goals by providing hands on program management, implementation, and go-live support.

Performance Achievement

Supporting and strengthening a providers’ ability to practice high-quality patient care in a changing environment while maintaining alignment with the system’s goals and vision can be a challenge. We provide you with a comprehensive assessment of key areas impacting this alignment, develop a mix of short-term and long-term strategies to rapidly re-engage clinicians, and create a collaborative environment that will sustain continuous improvement.

Analytic’s for Treatment Protocol Refinement and Realignment

Leverage health technology to identify an undiagnosed and or under-treated patient population to impact the management of patients. The use analytic s and tailored EHR tools, within a revised clinical workflow, allows for an increase in the screening, treatment, and adherence of medication management. A post implementation review of data identifies areas for further patient education and clinician training.