Big Data - 367-192 “It’s all about the data!” The journey from volume to value requires that healthcare organizations use the data from across their enterprise to measure performance and identify risks and opportunities. The shift in care delivery and reimbursement models – with providers accountable for the overall health of a defined population – requires access to current, population-based information about cost, quality, and satisfaction to
ensure interventions and health management are focused effectively.  Healthcare is at the nexus of the biggest data collection effort ever undertaken with the biggest demand for information ever experienced. While healthcare has always been “data rich and information poor,” the real financial impact of not having current, accurate information to impact cost, quality, and satisfaction is raising awareness that the  data in EHR’s across all care settings has additional value. And the data in other systems–scheduling, practice management, patient accounting, materials management, time and attendance, and general ledger– must be combined with the clinical data to provide a holistic view of how an organization is performing. To ensure that the right data is available in the right format at the right time, electronic health record workflow and implementation design must factor in the re-use requirements.

Beginning with the End In Mind

Creating value from existing data requires forethought and planning. To begin this journey, Encore can help your organization define a road-map that articulates the health analytis technology, processes, and staff required over a multi-year period to support your measurement and analytics needs.

Once your strategy is in place, Artistry can help you design and implement a cross-functional data governance structure and processes to harness the value from your data assets. Data governance brings together key stakeholders from quality, finance, administration, IT, and others to decide how data should be captured, standardized, used, and secured. Data governance facilitates decisions on how to rationalize inconsistencies in data that is allegedly the same and determines how the data can be used to ensure appropriate access, security, and patient privacy. And if needed data is not captured in a way that is usable (or not captured at all), it identifies the need for changes in work flow and system implementation and engages the right stakeholders to effect the required modifications.

The What and Why of It

“Beginning with the end in mind” for health analytics means identifying what needs to be supported by information. These needs in turn drive both EHR implementation plans and requirements to re-purpose the data as a valuable asset to support ongoing performance improvement. These requirements also keep an organization focused on the “what” and “why” of analytics and measurement (i.e., what needs to be measured and why it needs to be measured), rather than on the “how” (i.e., technology). Purpose should drive technology decisions, not the other way around.

Analytics’ Takes An Artisan To Be Done Right

With the right data in your systems and with data governance driving information quality, you can implement analytics solutions to transform your data into actionable information. Artistry can lead or assist your organization in implementing the processes and technology (and transitioning/on-boarding staff) to realize the objectives of your health analytics strategy. We recognize that there is no “one size fits all” in health analytics and will ever age your technology and environment to create the analytics approach that is the best fit for your organization.

Our Analytic Services Include:

Health Analytics Roadmap

Define a roadmap and decision framework describing the health analytics people, processes, and technology required to support the analytics needs of your organization.

Data Governance and Design

Define the goals, objectives, structure people, processes, and tools your organization needs to harness and use data captured in source systems.

Data Governance Implementation

Facilitate implementation of a data governance structure and process in your organization with a focus on achieving specific milestones within a defined time-frame.

Source Data Mapping and Normalization

Identify where and how data can be harvested from source systems to populate a data repository to meet specific measurement/analytics requirements and perform the due diligence to normalize it.

Data Capture Optimization

Identify and implement remediation in work flow in an application to ensure that data captured in the source system supports measurement/reporting/analytics needs.

Analytics Implementation

Lead or assist in implementing the processes and technology (and transitioning/onboarding staff) to realize the objectives of your health analytics strategy.

Why Artistry

Artistry brings an unmatchable combination of clinical and data knowledge and tools to analytics. Our people bridge the gap between clinical and data knowledge to help you not only create the information you need in your source systems but also transform that information into improved processes and lowered costs, better quality, and higher patient satisfaction. Depending on your analytics needs our CareStream™ methodology coupled with our vendor agnostic approach to BI vendors helps our experts accelerate your analytics program even further. From the initial conceptual definition of your analytics needs to the transformation of your organization to data driven performance oriented enterprise, Artistry can be with throughout the journey.